Sharon Hines

Property Consultant

16 Berkeley Street
London, W1J 8DZ


Sharon has had an eclectic experience in business. From running a successful publishing house with offices in London, Hong Kong and Sydney, to working in local committees, charities and schools. In 2011, she started a customer services company in Wandsworth. The company grew rapidly, allowing Sharon to expand her network throughout London, selling the company successfully in January 2017. Sharon is highly experienced in sales, her knowledge and skills give her a solid foundation in delivering a first-class customer service. She has bought and sold homes throughout Wandsworth and Clapham for over twenty years. There is very little, and very few people, she doesn’t know in the area. Sharon’s recent experience of estate agents prompted her to think of a career change. In 2016 she had three different agents value her home and was staggered at the difference in prices she was given, leaving her unsure as to whom she could trust with her most valuable asset. She decided to join Keller Williams under the advice of Simon Dredzen of Walton Estates and was impressed by a fresh and different approach that his agency offered. She realised that by joining Walton Estates powered by Keller Williams, she could offer a level of insight, customer service and market knowledge in Wandsworth, Battersea and Clapham that she had found lacking in other estate agents she had previously encountered.

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